League Treasurer/League Official Duties and Responsibilities

The treasurer is responsible for all league receipts and disbursements. Disbursements or withdrawals from the league account MUST have two signatures.
Print out the League Quick-Start Checklist for reference. Below are details of your duties, which are outlined fully in the USBC Playing Rules.
NOTE: In leagues using the in-center banking service, the elected treasurer remains responsible for all the duties specified in USBC Rule 102f.
In youth leagues that have a board, the youth treasurer shall assist the league official in the duties of the treasurer.

Bank accounts

  • Work with the president to open an account in the league’s name at an insured and recognized bank, credit union or in-house banking service.
  • All disbursements or withdrawals must have two signatures, even if the bank does not provide or monitor this.
  • Account statements are mailed to the President for verification purposes.
  • Deposit funds in the league’s account within seven (7) days of receipt.
  • Work with the league president to verify the league account balance at least once per month.

Membership dues
Issue a check or money order made payable to the local association to cover membership dues ensure dues are forwarded to the appropriate local association within 30 days.

League Fees
Keep bowlers current in league fees. Notify team captains of bowlers who are late in payments. When having difficulty collecting fees, notify the league president and secretary if any members are delinquent in paying league fees.

Prize Funds and Financial Statements

  • Prepare an estimated budget for the Prize Committee so they know how much prize money will be available for disbursement.
  • Provide the Audit Committee with information needed to perform a proper audit; including but not limited to account statements, team payment envelopes, expense, and deposit receipts. Give financial reports on
    request by the league president or board.
  • At the end of the season provide each team with a detailed financial statement when the prize fund is distributed; including receipts, disbursements and transactions, and prize recipients’ names and earnings.
  • Distribute the prize fund within 21 days after the league schedule ends, unless the board or USBC decides otherwise.

Turn over all league books, papers and monies to the next league treasurer upon election or once the season business is complete. All financial records regardless if in the possession of the former or current treasurer must be retained for one (1) year after the league schedule ends.