League Secretary/Youth League Official Duties and Responsibilities

The secretary has many important responsibilities, which are outlined fully in the USBC Playing Rules. Print out the League Quick-Start Checklist for reference. Below are details of your duties.

NOTE: In leagues using computer and/or average service, the elected secretary remains responsible for all the duties specified in USBC Rule 102e.

In youth leagues that have a board, the youth secretary shall assist the league official in the responsibilities of the league secretary.

Keep minutes of all league meetings. Minutes should include the meeting’s date, time and location, names of those attending, and details of the decisions made, including the vote count.

Rules/Schedule/Prize List
Update the rules and distribute a copy of the league rules soon after the organizational meeting. Post the full league schedule or provide a copy for each captain.
Once approved provide a copy of the adopted prize list to each team captain and officer.
Provide the final league standings to the league treasurer so the prizes can be properly distributed and reported with the financial report.

Membership cards
Pass out individual USBC membership application cards to each league member as they join and collect completed cards and membership dues.

  • Forward the completed membership application cards, membership dues and USBC league application to the respective USBC association secretary within 30 days of the start of the season.
  • Membership card applications and applicable fees for new members shall also be forwarded to the local association manager(s) within 30 days of receipt.

Membership card helpful hints

  • Check the application forms as they are returned to you. It is easier to find errors and have them corrected rather than to submit incomplete information, which could cause a delay in the member receiving their card.
  • If bowlers indicate paid in another league on the membership card, ask for a receipt, if no receipt collect the fees, they can be refunded upon proof of previous payment.
  • Have the bowlers carefully complete their home address (and apartment number if applicable) and national membership ID if it does not already appear on the card.
  • In an effort to improve communications with members, please make sure that bowlers include their e-mail addresses on the form.

National Membership ID Numbers are Important
The national membership ID number enables USBC to create a history on the member’s league and tournament competition and their award achievements. If the bowler does not currently have a national ID number (for example a new bowler), the local bowling association will assign a number.
Let your members know their national membership ID number will be printed on their membership card and mailed by Headquarters directly to their home. This is a permanent number, individually assigned, to be used every season in all USBC competition and will be required when applying for awards.
If a member of your league notifies you that their membership card was lost, stolen or damaged, they can download a copy of their current membership card by logging on to our web site, and going to the Find-A-Member feature. If further assistance is needed, the member or league official can contact their local association or USBC Headquarters by calling (800) 514-BOWL.

Standing Sheets
Post or provide a current standing sheet, which includes a list of league bowlers and substitutes. Most computer programs populate standing sheets, below are the guideline of what should be included.

  • Under “team standings,” list teams in order of position.
  • Total pins is listed with handicap in handicap leagues and scratch in scratch leagues, unless the league rules state otherwise. If two or more are tied in wins and losses, list teams by total pins or as required by league rule.
  • In the section for high games and series, list all individual and team scores in contention for league high score awards.
  • Under “individual averages,” list teams, followed by individual members, completing total pins, games and averages columns.
  • Use extra space on standing sheets to recognize special accomplishments. Also, use sheets to publicize future events such as the league banquet, local association tournament or meetings.

As a membership benefit, USBC allows leagues to post their standing sheets on

Submit applications for awards within 20 days of the accomplishment. Award presentations should take place before the entire league and as soon as possible after the feat is accomplished and the award is available. A long delay, such as waiting for the league’s season-ending banquet, can reduce bowlers’ excitement about earning awards and their appreciation of their membership benefits.

Notify league members of league and association meetings.

Final averages
Turn in season-ending averages to the appropriate USBC local bowling association, this is how averages upload to

Records, Property and Correspondence
Keep all league correspondence, records and furnish all league property the next league secretary upon election or upon completion of league business.
Notify the association of any changes in officers, schedules or bowling centers.