League Board of Directors

The league’s governing body is its board of directors comprised of the officers and team captains. Each board member has one vote even if they are both a league officer and a captain. If a team captain also is a league officer, they have the option of appointing another team member to attend the board meeting and vote on behalf of the team.
In youth leagues, the league shall be under the supervision of an adult league supervisor/official who shall operate the youth league in cooperation with the bowling center management and a league board of directors, if applicable. (See Rule 103a.)
Each youth league where a majority of membership is made up of youth 14 years or older is required to elect a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer from the members of the league. The offices of secretary and treasurer may be combined. Each team is responsible to elect its own team captain.
High school conference leagues are not required to elect a board of directors. (See Rule 103a.)
A quorum must be present to conduct business. A quorum is a majority of the board for business transactions unless league rules state otherwise. Unless USBC Rules state another vote count is required, a majority (one more than half) of the votes cast must be obtained to decide any motion.

The Board:

  • Elects league officers unless league rules allow league members to do so. (See Rule 102a.). Two members of an immediate family cannot serve as president, treasurer or secretary-treasurer; or vice president and treasurer or secretary-treasurer of the same league or co-sign for withdrawals from a league account.
  • Members of an immediate family include mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, husbands, sons, brothers, fathers, stepsisters, stepbrothers, stepmothers, stepfathers and in-laws.
  • Adopts league rules and a prize list, unless league rules allow league members to do so.
  • Decides salaries, if any, to be paid to the league secretary or others, unless league rules allow for all members to decide.
  • Decides all protests involving USBC or league rules.
  • Decides all questionable scoring and calculation errors, and questions not covered by the rules.
  • Handles all disputes concerning prize money.
  • Fills any office vacancies during the season.

Board decisions are final, except when a written appeal is filed with the local association or USBC within the timelines of Rule 119.

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