GBUSBCA Services


2023-24 Annual Adult Dues

Standard Member

USBC Dues $15
Local Dues $ 9
State Dues $ 1
$25 per bowler unlimited # of leagues

Basic Member (Max. 16-week league schedule)

$ 7
$ 3
$ 0
$ 10 per bowler per league

As a member of USBC, you are joining over one million others in supporting the sport of bowling. Your annual membership dues contribute to the following:


  1. BONDING PROTECTION – Protects league funds provided league is certified in a timely fashion. Bank account is set up in the name of the league with two signatures, and president verifies bank account on a monthly basis.
  2. ACE (Automatic Certification Evaluation tool) is a combination of several precision measuring devices that work together to make center inspections more efficient and accurate. ACE was developed in-house by our Equipment Specifications and Certifications team, with important help from several team members in other departments.ACE utilizes five digital dial indicators with custom designed sleds, three digital levels and four digital laser distance measuring tools. These tools all connect, via Bluetooth technology, to the inspector’s laptop, where a custom-made software records the data and loads it into a data collection spreadsheet. All of this works to allow one inspector to complete all of the requirements for an annual inspection of a lane in less than five minutes.
  3. IMPROVE LANE CONDITIONS – Assists to improve scoring conditions when requested by the center.
  4. PROVIDES AN INFORMATION CENTER BY MAINTAINING AN ASSOCIATION OFFICE FOR BOWLER USE – A place where a certified bowler can call to get answers for almost any bowling question or ruling.
  5. OFFICIAL AVERAGES AND VERIFICATIONS – Maintains complete record of each bowler’s number of games and average from prior seasons. These averages are the official record for use in tournaments and leagues and are readily available on
  6. LEAGUE ASSISTANCE AND ADVICE – Local association and USBC guides in rule information and interpretation, helps solve disputes, acts as an independent arbitrator, and serves as an accepted authority when league cannot resolve problems.
  7. STANDARDIZES RULES PLUS SUGGESTED LEAGUE RULES AND GUIDELINES – USBC provides standardized rules and also provides written copies of suggested rules, while allowing leagues sufficient latitude to self-govern within the general framework of the USBC Rules.
  8. POLICES VIOLATORS OF RULES AND NON-PAYERS OF DUES – Through proper, fair, and full hearings and suspensions whenever necessary.
  9. SUPPLY DISTRIBUTION – Provides leagues with “beginning of the year” supplies and gives league secretaries an opportunity to obtain information. Supplies are paid for by the United States Bowling Congress and the Greater Buffalo USBC Association.
  10. ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING – GBUSBCA hosts an Annual Membership Meeting, affording members the opportunity to elect officers, make inquiries, and voice opinions.
  11. HALL OF FAME – Recognizes the best in the area for their ability and meritorious service by honoring them through election and enshrinement into the GBUSBCA Hall of Fame and entry into the National USBC Records. GBUSBCA hosts a bi-annual dinner. Bowlers, media, and general public are invited.
  12. AWARDS PROGRAMStandard members ($25) receive awards which include rings, plaques, crystal awards, emblems, magnets, pens, medallions, and other tangible items for high score accomplishments and also for unusual achievements (for example – triplicates, all-spare game, 7-10 split conversion, etc.), and generally recognizes accomplishments of bowlers of all abilities. Other than honor score awards (300 game, 800 series), GBUSBCA controls the awards program.
    Basic short-season members ($10) receive recognition on for 300 games and 800 series. Awards are available for purchase with this membership.
  13. PROVIDES END-OF-YEAR AWARDS CERTIFICATES – When requested, GBUSBCA will provide certificates to league champions, most improved bowler, league high average, and league high series.
  14. SUPPORT OF CHARITABLE CAUSES – USBC and its members are proud to support several charitable outlets, including Roswell Park Alliance Foundation, Susan G. Komen Bowl for the Cure program, Bowlers to Veterans Link, and Special Olympics.
  15. MEMBER REWARDS Visit and save BIG! In no time, you’ll get your membership dues back plus a whole lot more.
  16. COM AND BOWLTVAll your bowling resources right at your fingertips, bringing dozens of free, live bowling events right to your computer each year.
  17. FULL AND COST-FREE CERTIFYING OF TOURNAMENTS – This includes expert counseling and assistance, standard rules, and honest conditions of entry and handicapping, together with verification of averages and special recognition awards both for high scores and special achievements.
  18. PROVIDES RE-RATINGS OF TOURNAMENT AND/OR OFFICIAL AVERAGES – A necessity when protection of all tournament bowlers is required through re-rating certain bowlers who are competing at an average lower than their ability. This protects both league and tournament bowlers and helps to insure fairness in competition.
  19. ANNUAL CITY CHAMPIONSHIPS – Crowns local champions (OPEN, WOMEN, and YOUTH) as Association title holders. Provides awards for the scratch and handicap champions. The association adds several thousand dollars to the prize funds of the adult tournaments.
  20. ANNUAL GEORGE A. OBENAUER MASTERS TOURNAMENT – GBUSBCA contributes entry fee into the USBC Masters Tournament and lodging and travel stipend to the winner of the Obenauer Tournament. Gives higher-average bowlers a chance to compete for scratch prizes and crowns the winner as the prestigious Masters Champion for our area.
  21. ANNUAL SENIORS’ TOURNAMENTS – Tournaments based on age divisions. The Women’s Tournament is held in November. The Open Tournament is held in April. GBUSBCA pays entry fee into respective New York State Seniors Tournament and provides a $50 travel allowance to winner of each age division.
  22. ANNUAL LEAGUE OFFICERS TOURNAMENT – Rewards officers for timely certification of league; minimal entry fee, GBUSBCA contributes payment of lineage for this tournament. Fun day for officers.
  23. PROMOTES STATE TOURNAMENTS – Designed to provide enjoyable tournaments, crown State Champions, and recognize bowlers’ achievements with the appropriate awards.
  24. NATIONAL USBC TOURNAMENT – Designed to crown National Champions and recognize bowlers’ achievements with the appropriate awards.