Association Manager Report

Report Of The Association Manager July 2020

To the Board of Directors and members of the Greater Buffalo USBC Association:

Dear Greater Buffalo USBC Members,

The Greater Buffalo USBC Association will begin its 16th year of operation on August 1. This organization was formed in July 2005 by the consolidation of the Buffalo Bowling Association, Buffalo Women’s Bowling Association, Erie County Suburban Women’s Bowling Association, and the Erie County Young American Bowling Alliance. We serve all men, women, and youth within our jurisdictional region.

In our 15th year of operation, the GBUSBCA, as of July 29, 2020, had a total membership of 6,966 members, of which 633 were youth bowlers. There were 164 total leagues, 26 of which were youth leagues. A complete membership and financial statement are attached to the end of this report.

The Greater Buffalo USBC Association office is located at 2448 Union Road in Cheektowaga. If your league has a problem or any questions, please do not hesitate to stop in or give us a call at 716/668-4222. We are here to help your league run efficiently. Our dues for the 2020-21 season, will again be $22 for adults. Dues for youth bowlers will be $10 if services are provided by the association. Proprietors have the option of providing their own membership services. This year we will again offer a $2 discount for bowlers ages 55 and over who pay their dues in a “senior” league.

Once again, we will run our annual fundraiser. Last year we sold 383 tickets with 39 of them being sold through leagues. That represents approximately 28% participation from our 138 adult winter leagues. In addition to supplementing our operating funds, proceeds from the 2020 fundraiser benefited the Roswell Park Alliance and Bowlers to Veterans Link (BVL). Other 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations may be considered by our Board of Directors.

One of the important services we provide is average reporting, with verified averages so that you can properly organize your league. Also, when you bowl in tournaments, you will have an average that is verifiable. Without this, you could be forced to bowl without handicap.

AWARDSThis past (shortened) season, the Greater Buffalo USBC Association issued 3,315 awards:  2,116 for adults and 1,199 for youth. Our bowlers received awards for the following achievements:


300 game – 195
11-in-a-row – 1 youth
290 game – 157
275 game – 124
250 game – 183
225 game – 268
200 game – 251
175 game – 212
150 game – 233


125 game – 92
100 game – 58
75 game – 45
50 game – 12
800 series – 74
750 series – 73
700 series – 108
650 series – 121
600 series – 204


550 series – 131
500 series – 197
450 series – 132
400 series – 152
350 series – 62
300 series – 71
250 series – 29
200 series –  10
150 series – 9


100 series – 1
“30” Clean – 65
7-10 split – 17
All spare game – 2
Big 4 split – 3
Dutch 200 – 3
Triplicate – 20


In 2020-21, Greater Buffalo USBC will award a personalized bowling towel for a 300 game and 800 series to adults bowling their first such achievement for the season. Pens will be given out for most other awards with the exception of the “30-Clean” accessory bag.


Adult Achievements and Awards 2020-21 Season


NOTE:     Honor Score Awards are issued once in a lifetime. Awards may be purchased for any honor score, currently or previously earned. Special Achievement Awards are limited to one per season with the exception of the “30-Clean” series achievement, which is awarded once every three years.


Youth Achievements and Awards 2020-21 Season


*Bowlopolis emblems awarded to those 11 years of age and younger.

NOTE:   Awards may be purchased for any honor score, currently or previously earned.  Special Achievement Awards are limited to one per season with the exception of the “30-Clean” series achievement, which is awarded once every three years.


AVERAGE REPORTING – The 2019-20 average book is now available. I am happy to report we have listed in our average book, for the 42nd consecutive season, each and every certified league that bowled in our association. The collection of averages is of assistance to leagues in organizing at the beginning of the season. A proper, correctly recorded average is a must for all bowlers in order to achieve the fairest playing conditions possible. Bowlers in an uncertified league will not have a verifiable average.

GBUSBC HALL OF FAME – At the time of this report, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a decision had not been reached regarding election of the “Class of 2020” and whether the dinner scheduled for November 28, 2020 could be held.

ANNUAL ASSOCIATION CHAMPIONSHIPS (City Tournament) – The 2020 Association Championships were unfortunately canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Next year’s tournament will be held at AMF Lancaster Lanes from April 20 to April 23 and April 27 to May 8. We will once again add $10,000 to the tournament prize funds from the association, plus other sponsorships will be sought. We will offer brackets, pro shop raffles, and split club drawings for most squads. We also offer a group leader perk of free memberships for those bringing in as few as three teams and cash rewards for those bringing in six or more teams.

2019 Tournament Information:

The Association “Open” and “Women’s” Championship Tournaments were held at AMF Airport Lanes from April 23 through May 11. This year we had 273 teams, 275 doubles, 541 singles, 541 six-game combines, and 287 all-events entries in the “Open”; and 40 teams, 44 doubles, 88 singles, 88 six-game combines, and 69 all-events entries in the “Women’s.” We also had a scratch prize list in the “Open” tournament which had 19% of the teams compete. Our team entry was the most we have had since the 1985 tournament. Prize checks for this year’s tournament were mailed June 3. First place prizes in the “Open” were:  Team – $2,800, Doubles – $900, Singles – $600, Six-Game Combine – $200, and All-Events – $160; “Women’s”: Team – $1,000, Doubles – $320, Singles – $185, Six-Game Combine – $70, and All-Events – $60. You can find all our tournament results in the 2018-19 Greater Buffalo USBC Association average book and on our website,

LEAGUE OFFICERS TOURNAMENT – The 52nd Annual League Officers Tournament was held this past year at Spare Time Bowling Center. There were 110 entries. This tournament is our thank you to our officers for certifying their leagues on time. The Greater Buffalo USBC picks up the lineage cost and charges the officers a minimal fee of $10 to enter. Doug Denny was the winner of this year’s tournament with a handicap total of 797. Next year’s tournament will be held the weekend of December 5 and 6. A site has not been determined.

WOMEN’S SENIOR SINGLES CHAMPIONSHIP – This annual association tournament was held at AMF Airport Lanes. There were 75 entries. The winners were:  Class “A” – Mary Gorski (751), Class “B” – Mary Ellen Rosati (730), and Class “C” – Lynn Zagorski (767). Division winners receive a free entry into the New York State Women’s Senior Singles Tournament and a $50 travel allowance. Next season’s GBUSBCA Women’s Senior Championship will be held the weekend of November 7 and 8. A site has not been determined.

STAN KOWALSKI SENIORS CHAMPIONSHIP – The 2020 Championship was canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Next year’s GBUSBCA Stan Kowalski Senior Singles Championship will be held at AMF Airport Lanes on the weekend of April 17 and 18.

2019 Tournament Information:

This association handicap tournament open to men and women 50 years of age and older was held on April 27 and 28 at Kenmore Lanes. There were 401 entries, only four short of our highest entry of 405 set the previous season. This tournament features six divisions. The winners were:  Class “AA” – Thomas LaPenna (807); Class “A” – Sandy Tanner (809); Class “B” – Robert Rudnick, Jr. (796); Class “C” – Michael Edwards (813); Class “D” – Susan Brownell (814); and Class “E” – Scot Friedhaber (765). Each division winner receives a free entry into the New York State Senior Tournament and a $50 travel allowance.

GEORGE A. OBENAUER MASTERS CHAMPIONSHIP – The 2020 Championship was originally postponed and eventually canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Next year’s George A. Obenauer Masters Championship will be held at Kenmore Lanes from May 11 to May 16.

2019 Tournament Information:

The Masters Championship was held this year at AMF Lancaster Lanes running from May 14 through May 19. There was a full field of 128 entries. Jack Jurek was the winner and received $2,000 in prize money as well as a paid entry plus up to $500 in expenses to the 2019 USBC Masters Tournament in Reno, Nevada. Michael Zarcone was runner-up and received $1,200. Tom Sorce was winner of the Pete Parisi Plaque as high qualifier with a score of 1754 for eight games. Dana Voytovich (2018 champion) represented the GBUSBCA at the 2018 USBC Masters Tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada. Next year’s George A. Obenauer Masters Tournament will be at Kenmore Lanes beginning May 12 and running through May 17.

53rd ANNUAL ME & MINE TOURNAMENT – This tournament was held at AMF Broadway Sports Center. There were 265 entries. The winners in the 351 average and over division were Steve and Carol Welk (1560). The winners in the 350 average and under division were Charles Jones, Sr. and Cheryl Dixon (1552). Next year’s tournament will be at a site to be determined on February 13, 14, 20, and 21.

USBC OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT – Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the start of this tournament was originally delayed to September 12, then eventually canceled.

Reprint of last year’s story….

The USBC Open Championships boasts 116 years of history and tradition and has become an annual destination for competitors of all ages and skill levels. It’s a chance to test their skills on two challenging lane conditions, spend time with friends and family, see a variety of cities across the country and measure their skills against USBC members from all 50 states and several foreign countries.

The first Open Championships was held in 1901 when six lanes were installed in the Welsbach Building in downtown Chicago. The tournament ran for four days, hosting 41 teams from nine states and offering a $1,592 prize fund. Today, the annual celebration attracts many thousands of bowlers and offers a prize pool topping $5 million.

The USBC Open Championships return to the one-of-a-kind National Bowling Stadium in 2020 and the historic venue will look a little bit different. An ongoing renovation project previously included the addition of the Kingpin Club and bowling lanes on the ground floor, along with a satellite version of the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame, plus a brand-new squad room. The more recent makeover includes an expanded settee area and concourse redesign.

There also will be a new squad schedule starting at the 2020 Open Championships, as only four bowlers will compete on each pair during Doubles/Singles (D/S) squads. The change will reduce the time needed to complete a squad, allowing the Open Championships to have four D/S squads, instead of the current three.

There are three divisions based on skill level: The Regular Division, for those who average 176 and above, the Standard Division for those with averages from 156-175 and the Classified Division, for bowlers who average 155 or below. 

USBC WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT – Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the start of this tournament was originally delayed to September 19, then eventually canceled.

Reprint of last year’s story….

Each year, more than 16,000 bowlers compete at the USBC Women’s Championships, the world’s largest participatory sporting event for women.

From a convention and tourism perspective, the influx of all these bowlers plus family and friends provides a large economic boost to the host city during the course of the event.

The tournament is the highlight of the bowling season for USBC female members. It’s a vacation as well as an opportunity to compete in one of the sport’s most prestigious tournaments.

The entry fee is $44 per event, per bowler. All-events is optional and is $8. The total cost is $140 PER BOWLER, which allows them to compete in team, doubles, singles and all-events. Team squads for the 2020 event are held at 11 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., and doubles/singles squads will be at 8 a.m., 2:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.

NEW YORK STATE USBC – All 2020 events were canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The New York State USBC’s Awards Committee announced its selections for induction into the New York State USBC Hall of Fame for 2020. In the Superior Performance category, Jerry Brunette Jr. (Rochester NY USBC), George Barnes (Greater Buffalo USBC) and Becky Ripic (Southern Tier USBC), and in the Meritorious Service category, Dennis O’Donnell (Auburn USBC), Kevin Martin (Rochester NY USBC), Barbara Rake (Southern Tier USBC) and Rosa Moro (Central NY USBC) were elected. Stephen Fawcett (Schenectady USBC) will receive the Service to Youth Award.

Barnes, a member of the Greater Buffalo USBC since 1954, was a regular participant in the NYS Open Championships for five decades through the early 1990s – with three NYS titles to his credit — and continues to hold a 190 average in league play at the age of 82.

A top Buffalo Classic League bowler from the 1960s-1980s, Barnes was a member of the first-place team in the 1969 NYS Open Championships (in both handicap and scratch divisions) and won the 1975 doubles with partner Bill Hohensee.

Nationally, his Suburban Lanes All-Star team placed eighth at the ABC Championships in Syracuse in 1973. He has bowled in 56 ABC/USBC national tournaments and is tied for 51st place on the participation list and 34th place on the pin fall list.

Local awards include numerous top 10 finishes in the association tournament, including second place in scratch singles and all-events in 1975. A longtime local director and member of the Greater Buffalo USBC Hall of Fame, Barnes has two 300 games, a high series of 785 (1998) and high average of 213 (2004).

2019 Tournament Information:

The 95th NYS Open Championships were conducted from April 12 through May 19 at Valley Bowling Center in Waverly, with a prize fund of $89,700. There were 239 team entries, 486 doubles entries, 971 singles entries, and 848 all-events entries. The 2020 tournament is scheduled for Boulevard Bowl in Schenectady.

The 83rd NYS Women’s Championships were held from April 6 through May 19 at Kingpin’s Alley Family Fun Center with 381 teams, 751 doubles, 1,502 singles, and 1,459 all-events entries. The prize fund was $64,153.50 with $2,000 added back into the prize fund from tournament expense fees. In 2020, the NYS Women’s Championships will be held at AMF Strike ‘N Spare Lanes in Mattydale (Syracuse).

 YOUTH TOURNAMENTS & SCHOLARSHIPS – There are 4 primary youth tournaments held annually. The Family Tournament was held at Spare Time Bowling Center November 9 and 10. This is a doubles tournament with one adult and one youth per team. There were 89 entries. Next year’s tournament will be held on November 14 and 15. The Youth Team Championship was held at AMF Lancaster Lanes on December 14 and 15 and had 41 three-bowler teams. Next season’s event will be held on December 12 and 13. The Youth Singles and Bumpers Tournaments were held at AMF Lancaster Lanes on February 8 and 9, with 135 entries in the Singles and 10 entries in the Bumpers. Next season’s tournament on February 6 and 7. Our Youth Doubles Tournament was held on March 1, 7, and 8 at Broadway Sports Center and had 83 entries. This year’s tournament is going to be held February 28, March 6 and 7. Sites for the coming season’s tournaments have not been determined as of yet. Finally, we also had our Fifth Annual Youth Virtual All-Events tournament which used individual scores from the Team, Doubles, and Singles Championships.  We awarded $810 in scholarships to bowlers in four divisions. You can find the results of these tournaments in the 2019-20 Greater Buffalo USBC Association average book and at We awarded $5,456 in scholarships to this past season’s youth tournament winners, making the total awarded by our association $8,956 for the 2019-20 season.

JUNIOR GOLD CHAMPIONSHIPS – The Junior Gold Championships is an annual national tournament for the top male and female youth bowlers in the United States. The tournament has eight divisions – U12 Boys, U12 Girls, U15 Boys, U15 Girls, U17 Boys, U17 Girls, U20 Boys and U20 Girls.

USBC YOUTH OPEN The Youth Open Championships is open to all USBC Youth members! The Youth Open is a non-qualifying tournament, which means you don’t have to have a certain average and you don’t have to qualify from a league or state tournament. Simply put – if you are a USBC Youth member, you can bowl in the Youth Open.

At the Youth Open Championships, you will bowl nine games total – three games each of singles, doubles and four-player team. Your combined scores from those events will be your optional all-events score.

All scores are scratch, and doubles and singles events are bowled on the same day while team competition is on another day. You can request the specific squad dates and times when you want to compete, and you may enter the team event without bowling singles and doubles. However, if you choose to compete in singles, you must also bowl doubles – just as all doubles pairs also must bowl in the singles event. Teams and doubles pairs may be of the same gender or a mix of boys and girls.

If you’re competing in the Junior Gold Championships, remember that the Youth Open Championships is held in the same city, so you also can bowl in the Youth Open with your friends and siblings who are USBC Youth members.

The Youth Open Championships – it’s a great chance to compete in a national bowling tournament and have fun meeting new friends from around the country.

YOUR PRESIDENTIAL OBLIGATION (yearly re-print) – It is important that you are aware of your obligations. The most serious part of your job is the verifying of bank accounts so your bowlers’ money is protected. I would like to again outline your presidential obligation of being sure the league funds are there at the end of the season. Sure, you have a very prestigious position being president of a bowling league, but along with the prestige is the obligation of making sure your league funds are protected.

REMEMBER – THE BANK STATEMENT MUST BE SENT TO YOU!!!  You MUST VERIFY the bank accounts and deposits monthly in accordance with the requirements of the United States Bowling Congress Bonding Program. You must then also do some arithmetic to be sure that the amount of money on deposit is the amount that is supposed to be on deposit. If you don’t do the verifying in the exact manner described and the money is missing at the end of the year, you may very well be in a situation where USBC will call for YOUR SUSPENSION!!!  We do not want you to take this casually or conclude it cannot happen to you.

It CAN happen to you!!! Your league treasurer may be a very honest person, but every so often there is a situation where a treasurer may need some money during the year and intend to pay it back before the end of the year and then can’t do it. You can help him/her by checking every month and removing the temptation that will then get both of you into trouble. Please be very cautious in doing this part of your job.

OUR COMMITMENT – Our staff, which includes Beth O’Brien, Michele Johnson, Paul Krupinski, and myself has now been together for 16 years and we continue to do our best to satisfy the needs of our members. Thank you to our Board of Directors and our volunteers for their work with our tournaments, committees, fundraisers, award presentations, and overall dedication to the sport. Remember, we are dedicated to you, our members. Please continue to certify your league, bowl in our tournaments, and participate in our events for many years to come.


Respectfully submitted,

William A. Palumbo
Association Manager